12 July 2016

Is Advertising like Gambling?

Is Advertising like Gambling?

Does your marketing department have the same feel?

Advertising is gambling. You bet on a few platforms until your budget is finished.

You hope to leave with more money than you came with.

At least, that’s how many people see it. To us, advertising is science.

We can measure every input and every output.

Input is any kind of advertising. Newspaper, online, TV, you name it.
Output is any kind of result. Purchases. Phone calls. Web forms filled out.

We can track the source of every result. So we know how many customers found you on Google, and how many through e.g. the TV ad.

We can run an experiment. Spend a small budget on different platforms. Then we look at the data and maximize the ROI.

It will be obvious where to spend the bulk of the marketing money.

Cut waste and get more results out of your marketing budget.

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