Abdullah Bin Hussain Mehedi
Abdullah Bin Hussain Mehedi Campaign Optimiser

My strength is in analytics, numbers and optimisation. Within the team, I keep tabs on the ongoing campaigns. There is a story told in numbers such as Clickthrough Rate, Conversion Rate and Cost per Lead, which can point us to ways…

Yuen Cheok Hoe
Yuen Cheok Hoe Accounts Manager

I believe in building trusted relationships. That's my style of doing business. When I work with someone, whether it's a colleague, supplier or client, my focus is on the long term. Truly successful marketing campaigns are never just the agency's…

Guus Goorts
Guus Goorts Digital Marketing Manager

What drives me? Success. When I make others successful, I feel most fulfilled. If you have a great product, and your existing customers love you, chances are any result you are seeing today is just the tip of the ice berg. I love finding out,…

Candy Lee
Candy Lee Business Development Manager

I don't care about award winning campaigns if they don't bring new customers through the door. Many agencies have pitched campaigns to me. As a business owner with a background in sales, most of these meetings were frustrating to me. Too much…

Jonard Reyes
Jonard Reyes Copywriter

Success, that's what motivates me to do what I like best. We are constantly learning and adapting as our clients are relying on us to help them reach tangible results. The competition keeps getting stiffer and only the best survive. Marketing…