Guus Goorts
Guus Goorts Digital Marketing Manager

What drives me? Success. When I make others successful, I feel most fulfilled.

If you have a great product, and your existing customers love you, chances are any result you are seeing today is just the tip of the ice berg.

I love finding out, together with you, how to multiply your results.

I love working at crystal marketing because we’re a humble agency. We bring our digital marketing experience to the table, but we also need your insights for breakthrough success. You know your products. You have insights about your product and market that we don’t have.

The difference between mediocre and a great result is usually very small. A great AdWords campaign will fall flat if the landing page is just not right. If one person doesn’t see enough ads to be propelled to action.

That’s why I believe in thinking holistically. Together, we’ll piece together a strategy to break the ceiling of your current performance.

Your KPI is likely not just pageviews or ad clicks. You want the phone to ring, the cash register to sound, or leads to flow in.

My motivation is to serve you. Your KPI is my ultimate goal. I don’t measure campaign success against other agencies: my KPI is to keep growing your KPI.